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2 Sequentially Sawn Presentation Grade Claro Walnut Rifle Blanks

Blank A: 2 7/16" Thick x 8 1/2" to 9 3/4" Wide x 43" Long
Blank B: 2 7/16" Thick x 6" to 9 3/4" Wide x 43" Long

These two claro walnut rifle blanks are sequentially sawn and have been air dried for over 4 years measuring 8% moisture content. Both rifle blanks are 100% blemish free in the template area and 99.9% blemish free overall. On a scale of 1 to 5 in grading claro for hardness with 5 rating the hardest these blanks rate 5. The template pictures were taken dry with no finish applied and the color shots were taken by dampening the wood with alcohol. We included images of the reverse side of each rifle blank.

The weight for each oversized blank is as follows: Blank A 22.5 lbs. Blank B 18.5 pounds.
Price: $2000. Happy to answer any questions: (530)268-0203 - ask for Michael.