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     This is the masterful work of Dennis Poeschel. We have included a link to Mr. Poeschel's website below. All of the call barrels and the display base on the left, are made from English Walnut. The tone boards on the two duck calls are African Blackwood. The carvings were created by Dennis using a high speed dental tool. These calls have been painted with a combination of fine artist oils and acrylic paint.

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      The four duck calls on the right, are hunting calls made for actual field use. The two in the middle, are English aka Persian Walnut. The call on the far right is made from Claro Walnut. The call on the far left is made from Desert Ironwood. The inserts (tone boards) are made from Macassar Ebony and African Blackwood. Photos and Mastercraftsmanship courtesy of Dennis Poeschel